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The Color Fred - "Bend To Break" White Vinyl LP

The Color Fred - "Bend To Break" White Vinyl LP

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This pressing of White Vinyl is limited to 130 and commemorates the 15 year anniversary of "Bend to Break", which came out October 30th, 2007.  They will mail out November 1st of this year, just in time to be a holiday gift for someone... or just keep it for yourself. 

*Option for Autograph for no extra charge

300 - Green [SOLD OUT]
130 - White
20 - White with Orange Splatter (inserted at random)  [SOLD OUT]

***All splatter vinyl have been issued***

Track Listing:
1. Get Out
2. If I Surrender
3. Hate to See You Go
4. It Isn't Me
5. Complaintor
6. The Tragedy
7. I Didn't See
8. Empty House
9. Minnesota
10. I'll Never Know
11. Don't Pretend

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